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The main purpose of the federation is to train Karate students who can adopt themselves and deal with modern Karate through the traditional Gojuryu Karate-Do (one of the oldest Karate styles). Through its activity, the members will improve their personalities, spirits, manners and etiquettes, physical strengths, and techniques.
Students will learn basics of Gojuryu Karate and techniques of competition Karate until obtaining black belt in order to adopt themselves and deal with modern Karate. After obtaining black belt, students will endeavor to earn the essence of Gohuryu Karate.
Also, students can deepen their insight, develop human character, and acquire broader perspectives through cross-cultural exchange with Karate people both at home and abroad.

International Federation of Kenshokai Go-Ju Ryu Karate Do
Chairman/Kancho Kazuhiro Jibiki
40 years’ Karate career
Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology – Official Sports Instructor for junior
Japan Athletic Association – Official Instructor for Junior
Tokyo Metropolitan Area – Official Instructor
Adachi Area −Official Sports Instructor
All Japan Junior Karate Federation – Secretary General
All Japan Junior Karate Federation Licensed Judge
National Coach of All Japan Junior Karate Federation Hawai Camp (1996 -)
Adachi Area Karate Federation – Deputy Secretary General
Japan Athletic Association, Tokyo Junior Karate – Secretary General
Representative of Adachi Area Junior Sports Association