History of Kenshokai

1956 – The First Kenshokai Master Shojiro Jibiki started training Go-Ju Kai Karate under Master Gogen Yamaguchi at the age of fourteen.
February, 1957 – Trained Nihon Go-Ju Ryu Karate under Master Sosui Ichikawa
October, 1965 – Established Nihon Go-Ju Ryu Kenshokai Karate federation and became Chairman
1966 – Established Taito area branch
October, 1970 – Established Kenshokai Headquarter in Arakawa area in Tokyo
December, 1974 – Established Kenshokai branch in South America, Columbia and Ecurdor
June, 1978 – Established Adachi area branch
August, 1979 – Established Hanahata area branch
October, 1981- Established Oku area branch
September, 1984 – Established Kenshokai Miami branch, Florida State in the USA
April, 1986 – Established Arakawa area branch
July, 2000, Established Takenotsuka area branck
September, 2004, Established Minato area branch

Kenshokai belongs to Nihon Go-Ju Style that is one of three major Go-Ju styles, Go-Ju Kai, Nihon Go-Ju Ryu, and Okinawa Go-Ju Ryu. The roots are as follows.