Membership Process

The federation consists of headquarter and branches (both international and domestic)
Admission and List of Dojo
We always welcome new members. Everyone from Old to Young people (more than 6 years old) can become Kenshokai member (Both experienced and beginners). Fill in the admission form and give it to Masters or Instructors with admission fee.
Admission fee 10,000 JPN (About 100 USD)
Membership fee is different depending on training frequency per week.
One Training a week 2,500 JPN/Month
Two Trainings a week 5,000 JPN/Month
Three Trainings a week 7,000 JPN/Month
Four Trainings a week 9,000 JPN/Month
* Sports insurance is valid for one year (From April to March). Members renew the insurance in March every year. Please pay the insurance fee with membership fee in March.


Headquarter Office: 〒340-0003 2-25-14 Inari Soka city Saitama
Tel & Fax: 048-932-3622
Please contact the headquarter office when you want to contact each branch dojo.

Dojo/Club under the direct control of Grand Master Kazuhiro Jibiki

Adachi branch: Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan, Tel & Fax
Ju-Do Room at Adachi Sogo Sports Center, Tel 03-3859-8211
Date 18:00-19:30 19:30-21:00
Tuesday Junior (under 12 years old) Adult
Saturday Junior Adult

Hozuka branch: 7-16 Hozuka, Adachi-ku Tokyo, Tel & Fax 03-3858-1876
Date 19:00-20:30 19:00-20:30
Thursday Junior (under 12 years old) Adult

Other Dojo/Club

Taito branch
Tel: 03-3841-3584

Urayasu branch
Tel: 047-352-0585

Koshigaya branch
Tel: 090-7845-7917

Takenotsuka branch
Tel: 090-2752-9330

Minato branch

International Dojo/Club

USA – Miami, Florida state
Columbia – Cartagena, Cali
Currently, Kenshokai has 330 memberships at 11 domestic clubs, and 1,500 memberships in three countries.