International Federation of KENSHOKAI Go-Ju Ryu Karate-Do
Chapter 1: General Information
Section 1:
The federation is called International Federation of KENSHOKAI Gojuryu Karate-Do (IFKGK) and Headquarter is located in Tokyo, Japan.
Address: Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan
Tel:, Fax: E-mail:
Chapter 2: Goals and Activities
Section 2:
The main purpose of the federation is to explore the essence of Gojuryu Karate-Do through promoting and developing Gojuryu Karate. Through its activity, the members will improve their personalities, spirits, physical strengths, and techniques and have a broad network with Karate people in the world.
Section 3:
The federation does these following activities to achieve the purposes.
1. Hold Karate seminar, demonstration, and competition
2. Hold Graduation examination and ceremony
3. Establish domestic and foreign branches
4. Approve of opening a new club and partnership with other club
5. Active participation to conference, seminars and competition held by other federations
6. Social activities to deepen the relationships among members
7. Other necessary activities to fulfill these purposes
Section 4 Competitions:
The federation holds its competition once a year and all members participate at competition.
Section 5 Graduations:
The graduation is judged by Kancyo (Master) and Shihan (Instructors), and the procedures are same in all clubs.
1. Branch graduation
Twice a year, March and September. Branch instructors judge the graduation. Up to 4th Kyu
2. Headquarter graduation
Twice a year, June and December. Kancyo and Shihan judge the graduation at headquarter or they visit the country. Over 3rd Kyu, minimum 2 judges are required for the graduation.
Chapter 3: Organization
Section 6:
The federation consists of headquarter and branches (both domestic and foreign).
Chapter 4: Membership and Withdrawal
Section 7:
The club who would like to join the federation must submit necessary documents required for application to the headquarter office and get an approval by the board members. The approved club will receive the name “International Federation of KENSHOKAI Gojuryu Karate-Do ________Branch”
Section 8:
The club who would like to withdraw from the federation must write its reason on the designated paper and get an approval from headquarters.
Section 9:
Chairman has right to expel its member who insults the honor of the federation or violates the rule of the federation through discussing with the board of directors.
Section 10:
Chairman and the board of directors deal with other issues. (Ex. Delay of paying membership fee.)
Section 11:
The member who withdrawals from the federation will lose all right related to the federation’s assets.
Section 12:
If chairman and the board of the directors expel the member from the federation, the expelled member’s all approved and granted materials by the federation becomes void.
Chapter 5: Board of Directors
Section 13: Board members consist of following members
1. Chairman (Kancyo) 1 person
2. Vice chairman A few persons
3. Administrative officer 1 person
4. Vice Administrative officer A few persons
5. Auditor 1 person
6. Counselor 1 person
7. Consultant 1 person
Section 14: Duties of board members
1. Chairman Represent and organize the federation
2. Vice chairman Support chairman and manage the federation
3. Administrative officer Manage the federation’s administrative issues
4. Vice Ad Officer Support the administrative officer’s job
5. Auditor Audit the federation’s financial issues
6. Counselor Advise to the federation’s management and activities
Section 15: Conference
Chairman convenes general meeting, extraordinary meeting, board director’s meeting and discusses these following issues.
1. General meeting: Hold once a year and deal with election of new board members, amendment of the rules of federation, financial report, and audit the submitted financial report.
2. Extraordinary meeting: Based on the club member’s suggestion which chairman regards it as necessary, Chairman can convene an extraordinary meeting and discuss with the board members.
3. Board director’s meeting: Chairman and board of directors have right to call for an extraordinary meeting.
Section 16: Accounts
The federation’s management is financed with the federation’s membership fee and graduation’s fee.
1. The club membership fee is monthly JPY 5,000. (Except for non-activity month)
2. The federation’s membership fee is JPY 10,000 per one club.
3. Half of examination fee at branch will be dedicated to headquarters.
4. All examination fees at headquarters will be dedicated to headquarters.
5. Gratitude fee to judges at graduation is JPY 5,000. However, the federation can change the amount if the board members regard it necessary.
6. When the club needs support for participating at competition held by other organizations, headquarters will be able to provide financial support up to JPY 5000.
7. When the board members regard it necessary, it can charge the extra payment.
8. The federation’s fiscal year is from 1st January to 31st December.
Section 17: Amendment of rules
When the member would like to change the rules of federation, they need an approval at general meeting or extraordinary meeting.
Section 18: An additional clause
These rules will be implemented from 1st January 2003